Winner: Adam Bennett, Founder of As if one food and drink company in the top three wasn’t enough, Adam Bennett won the top prize in the 2015 ‘Enterprise Award’ for his ‘innovative’ online coffee delivery service which he plans to launch in the coming weeks. Of course, as any coffee enthusiast in the UK will know, Adam’s up against the likes of Pact who are delivering a tonne of coffee a day, however, he’s unphased. “If they’re selling a tonne of coffee a day, and they’re only working for 1% of the market, how big is the market out there?” he says with a smile. He also feels he has competitive advantage; “most coffee companies at the moment, without thinking, go for that artisan brand but my market research tells me that people don’t want to pay those artisan prices for coffee, which is an everyday consumable. In fact, they’re put off by them.” Adam also notes that he will be the first to provide the consumer with the exact quantity they need, eliminating wasted coffee and money and ensuring that the customer drinks the coffee while it’s at its best.

“So tell me, where did the idea for come from?” I ask. “I used to work in a coffee shop in Leeds. I was working as a barista and had an espresso going. Some customers were talking about, which obviously use the through-the-post method of delivery and I suddenly thought, why can’t we use coffee in the same way?” he says enthusiastically. Adam explains that, although hugely successful, the growing delivery trend is not being utilised properly. “For example, Graze is a novelty item whereas coffee is an everyday consumable,” he tells me. The third year Medicinal and Biological Chemistry student also points at consumers growing disillusionment with Tescos and other supermarkets; “they’re not offering the choice they want and the prices aren’t great either. What people want is a great choice of products and the best value for their money. And that’s the way it works with mail delivery systems.”

Will he continue as an entrepreneur post-University? “I’d love to have a sustainable business that I could come out of university and run straight away,” he exclaims. For him, entrepreneurship is all about doing something differently and exploring new ideas to break away from the norm and that is what he intends to do with the launch of in the coming weeks.