PHP is a versatile server-side scripting language which can also be utilized for other use cases. When used with the Laravel Development Framework, you can develop amazing web applications in flexible, modular form. With PHP, you also get a handy dependencies manager that provides you multiple access methodologies for relational databases and utilities.

Not every cloud hosting infrastructure provider can deliver exceptional performance for PHP based applications. Amazon Web Service is a popular choice among the most experienced PHP developers for deploying their PHP-based web apps.

However, not everyone is interested in technical aspects of web applications, and would love to quickly deploy a fully capable and easy to install PHP app on the AWS cloud infrastructure. It is interesting to note that having a managed host provider not only takes away your web hosting hassles, but also enables you to focus on building awesome websites.

In that context, Cloudways Managed PHP Cloud Hosting Platform is the ultimate solution for design agencies and developers. Save your time and resources for what really matters; marketing and running your online business.

Just to set up a server directly on the Amazon infrastructure requires a decent bit of server-side technical know-how. I’m going to show you how easy it is to deploy a PHP app through the Cloudways Platform, on AWS. Let’s begin.

How to Install PHP on AWS

The first step is to sign up for a Cloudways Account.

Step 1:

Once the process finishes, you will be taken to the Console. Click the Launch button.

Step 2:

Select PHP Stack from Select Application drop down menu. Next, name your App and the server. Select the project to add an application to it.

Step 3:

Click the Amazon Web Services tab.

Step 4:

And then use the sliders to set up Server Size, Bandwidth and Storage for your server.

Step 5:

Once you have setup the server, select the region in which you wish to host the server in and finally, click Launch Server to begin revving up your server.

Why Cloudways?

The Cloudways Platform places special emphasis on PHP Cloud Hosting. All PHP apps on AWS infrastructure on the Cloudways Platform take advantage of the optimized stack consisting of Nginx and Varnish web servers, Apache HTTP accelerator, MySQL 5.5, PHP 5.5 (default) with the ability to further optimize new versions of MySQL and MariaDB as well as PHP.

Apart from this, advanced scripts can be added without any external configuration when you enable them from the interface (for example, Redis cache and ElasticSearch).

To facilitate its users to the maximum, Cloudways enables you to monitor 15+ important metrics in graphical form, to ensure you are always aware of how your server is performing. You will also get a free New Relic account for advanced metrics monitoring!

Security is foolproof on the Cloudways Platform with the option of automated backups on AWS3, as frequently as every hour!

SFTP/SSH access is available on the Cloudways Console, along with Team Management Module to allow you to choose server and app access levels for your team. Developers will be delighted by the ease of integration with Git. Developers can also get unlimited staging URLs for development purposes.

Still not impressed? Have a look at more features or you can always ask our 24/7 support team to guide you. Better yet, experience the console yourself and Start your free trial on the Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform today!