We receive many questions on WalkInto hosting fees. Here is an attempt to answer them. Any important questions not covered yet do ask. We will address it.

WalkInto, Editor is a FREE software. You can create as many tours as you want. Big, small and in any size in between. The fees you pay us is for hosting the tour advertisement free. There are some premium features and to use these you need to purchase it and enable it in your account.

What is it beyond 2015?

1. Free Hosting

All new tours created from Jan 1st 2016 will start off with a perpetual free hosting. Tours using free hosting can utilize all features of WalkInto. It also can be shared, published, embedded to external websites — everything. The catch with free license is that it includes advertisements. Also free tours do not have access to the settings panel. These tours are also referred to as ‘Ad Supported Tours’. More about it later.

2. Paid Hosting — Ad Free Tours

You pay WalkInto an annual fee to keep your tour Ad Free. Every WalkInto user can purchase and apply paid hosting to tours he or she owns. There is no fee or special privileges required to use WalkInto software — ever. Paid hosting will unlock settings panel with ‘in tour advertisements’ automatically turned off.

We heard you and agree with your point of view on ‘Price Visible to All’ scenario. Hear us out please.

We know that creating a virtual tour involves a lot of work — the planning, photography, editing, reshoots, and then some WalkInto work. Do not let any overlay system maker belittle your trade and skills by judging the value of your work and putting a price tag against it — we never will! Our earnest request to each of our WalkInto professionals is to never look at your fees as a ‘markup’ over the fees WalkInto charges you. The creative work you do is specific to each customer and any scale you bring in there is through the expertise you gain with the tool. Good customers will recognize this and will convert to multi-year engagements.

This lack of scale is in contrast to natural scale WalkInto can afford with more tours in the system. After all we write code once per feature and not per tour. As months and years pass more of our energies will be spent on customer support and scaling customer support. This may even lead to paid hosting becoming cheaper.

How much does paid hosting cost?

USD 30 ($30) annually for a tour.

How do I convert tour to paid hosting plan?

From your dashboard you can apply paid hosting ticket to individual tours or many tours at once. Clock for each ticket starts ticking only when applied to a tour. So it is advisable to delay it as much as you want to.

How long does a ticket last?

One year ‘from the time of application’.

This is interesting — If you know your market will need 40–50 WalkInto from you this year, and you are sure next year will be better, Apply to be a Regional Partner NOW. [email protected]. Let me tell you why.

Say you are going to create 50 tours in 2015 for which you ONLY need to purchase tickets at the beginning of 2016, and you are confident of adding at least 50 more in 2016, You made yourself a great case for applying for Regional Partnership right now and enjoy increased visibility and premium features. 2017 onward you already have the 100 commercial tours in the kitty to meet the upfront requirements. It is simple math and a calculated risk worth taking. Just my 2 cents.

We give one week of grace period on a paid hosting expired tour before moving it to ad-supported.

Sounds Interesting Tell me more about Regional Partnership

Regional partners are individuals and companies ready to bet long term with WalkInto in this fast emerging overlay landscape. WalkInto reciprocates with some great value added features, SLA driver service and dedicated engineering support. We have discussed this very transparently in this blog post. As of today there are 27 regional partners world wide.

When your account is 3mo old and you have 20 good tours created system will invite you to apply. If you qualify early in number of tours just send us an email and we will review your account for fast tracking.

What happens when a paid hosting expires?

The tour will eventually get converted to ad supported mode. When a tour is in ‘ad supported’ mode it will show advertisements inserted by WalkInto. Also, all tour settings will revert back to defaults since only on paid hosting tours you will get access to tour settings.

Tour owner gets notifications two weeks before (on email as well as on dashboard). Another reminder is sent 4 days before. A third and final email of the expiry notice is sent the day after license is expired. This email also mentions the date on which the tour will automatically get converted to an ad supported tour till the point a license is applied.

What are these ads you talk about?

Ads will show up as automatic TourCards within the scene. We will design it in such a way that it will be nice enough and compelling enough for a visitor to click. There will not be an option to hide ads. We are leaning more towards Goodle AdSense at this point in time. We do not have experience with managing our own ad platform. In general we will only run decent ads on these tours. Our families also watch these tours and we want them to like us as well as WalkInto. I am sure our customers also have similar values.

How do I buy paid hosting tickets?

Hosting plan purchase will be enabled on WalkInto on Dec 15th 2015. You will be able to purchase tickets using credit card or paypal.

Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

Yes. Why not? You paid for it, didn’t you. Any unused tickets can be transferred to another user. We are not planing any peer to peer license market place inside WalkInto. But we will give you tools to transfer tickets.

What are premium features?

We do not have a comprehensive list on this yet. Rule of thumb is, if we did not say something is a premium feature when the feature was released it will always be a free feature.

Whitelabel domain is already a premium feature. Some really cool tourcards are coming which we are branding as AwesomeCards++. Soon, we will be able to implement a resource management console for you to see and manage your space quota on WalkInto. Then space might become a purchasable premium feature. We will keep thinking of stuff that makes sense for some people and are ready to pay for it. But if it does not cost us a lot to support we won’t mind making it GA (generally available) If there is a support cost it would tend to become a premium feature.

Just like the hosting options , you will be able to subscribe to premium features annually.